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The entrepreneurs of GOLDEN LIGHTING EQUIPMENT MFG.CO.,LTD. always adhere to the pursuit of excellence with a business philosophy, and the business philosophy of pursuing excellence. The employees of the company follow this philosophy and truly achieve and grow together with the company.
Our belief "Integrity is" the foundation of business development. This is the foundation of business operations. The internal management of enterprises to serve customers adheres to this belief to carry out various affairs, the company can grow, and the customer base and at home and abroad are all based on honesty. The company has independent production technology, from the lighting and its functional design, they are good at developing around the clock, and with the highest quality decorative works.

Seeking for the global response to the popularization of energy-saving initiative, started research on LED environmental protection lighting engineering, and most of them were developed with low energy consumption, long life, and high brightness.
And another breakthrough in lighting engineering innovation in 2012. The mechanical planar LED lighting equipment has become ultra-thin and lighter. In addition, the emission angles of smart lighting and lighting electronics are 40°, 60° and 100° , To ensure a full range of lighting in the work area, intelligent circuit boards are used on this type of lighting LED lamps, and to ensure the electronic certification of safe flight, and to ensure the quality of absolute compliance, which can greatly reduce the mechanical operators, visually Tasks, more actively improve the concentration of operators, and their work will show better results.
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